Mahi Kaur Web Series List Watch Online 2022


Mahi Kaur Web Series List Watch Online 2022 | Mahi Kaur All Web Series & Movies List Wiki :- Mahi Kaur is an Indian actress popular for featuring in local OTT web series and short films. Actress and model Mahi Kaur is from Mumbai. Aside from acting, she makes web series, music videos, and web series. She continues to work on web series and is connected with several OTT platforms. Mahi Kaur was also a part of the MTV roadies movie coming out in January 2020. Mahi Kaur’s released a new web series on Ullu called “Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi.”.

The list of the Mahi Kaur web series is given below. You can watch all these web series on the ullu app & others.

1. Beer Boys And Vodka Girls – Prime Flix

Beer Boys And Vodka Girls

Three boys having different personalities are staying together in a flat.Similarly three girls having different personalities are staying together in some other flat.BBVG is the story of their goof-ups that turn hilarious.

2. Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi – Ullu Web Series

Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi

A city boy is stunned by his uncle and aunt’s beautoiful moments that surprisingly brew in a humble village. Forlorn by the touch of a lover the boy plans to calm her aunt’s disgruntle from her husband. To what length will the nephew go and break the rigid desi palang? Watch Now, Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi! Web series Palang Tod Gaon ki Garmi available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri and English language.

3. Ratri – Kooku Web Series


Paakhi shifts to Mumbai after getting a job and find herself a flat, where she lives alone. But some spooky events start happening in the flat. She tries to find a solution for these haunted events. The solution that she finds is extremely sensuous and Paakhi thinks that she is safe now. But something interresting is in store for her.

4. Rupaya 500 – Ullu Web Series

rupay 500

Story of a house, where house owner makes a physical relationship with house servant and always give her 500 rupees note. The House owner gets this information from her friends. To know what happens next? Watch rupay 500 on ullu app.

5. Pyaar On The Rocks – Filmy Fiction

Pyaar On The Rocks

Filmy Fiction romantic series is catered to youth audience that completely blends with coming of age masala. Mahi Kaur shone even with her brief appearance.

6. Bhookh – Dreamfilms


Bhookh web series story revolves around a family. After the death of the father, the problem starts to begin between the brothers. Greed starts to develop between them. The brothers start to fight with each other for the property. To know what will happen watch the Bhookh web series on Dreams Films App.

7. Gupt Gyan – Big M Zoo

Gupt Gyan

Mahi Kaur was featured in the web series titled Gupt Gyan that focused on taboo Indian topics. Mahi Kaur played a key role along with Sharanya Jit Kaur and Ayesha Pathan.

8. Charmsukh Ye Kaisa Rishta – Ullu Web Series

 Charmsukh Ye Kaisa Rishta

Mahi Kaur is cast along with Rachel White in the Charmsukh episode titled Ye Kaisa Rishta. Mahi Kaur gave an impressive performance in the Ye Kaisa Rishta Part 1. You can watch this web series only on ULLU App.

9. Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 – Ullu Web Series

Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2

Palang Tod Gaon ki Garmi season 2 is a very famous series, you have seen its first season that was also amazing. The star cast is Mahi Kaur as Mami, Ragi as Mansi, Shabaaz Abdullah Badi as Madan, Anupam as Mama. all cast are outstanding in their work. If talk about the story of the series the plot revolves around the life of a village woman. A young boy comes into the house and things take a new turn. Unexpected events unfold and a new romance starts. You can watch this only on ULLU App.

10. Pathshala – Rabbit Movies


This is the story of a biology teacher. She Teaches s*x education to children. Seeing the beauty of the teacher, the children start liking them. To know what happens next, watch the Pathshala rabbit web series only on the rabbit app.

11. I Bet – Hotshots Originals

I Bet

The plot revolves around the life of a couple in a relationship. The girlfriend maintains an abusive relationship with him and keeps him in control. She is afraid of losing all the luxuries if he is given freedom. The guy finds a bet where the winner of the challenge has to accept whichever challenge was given.

12. Television – Rabbit Movies


Just like other Rabbit Movies Shows, Television revolves around the quirk of people’s attention diverting from romantic life and physical exploration to metaverse and television. Previously, they have covered the story of women with a big ch@st, talks about B-job, and a common theme of women’s number on bathroom walls.

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