So let's know Top 3 SuperHeroes Who Become A God

Marvel and DC have many SuperHeroes who have God Level SuperPowers.

But there are only a few such SuperHeroes who have been able to become God in Actual.

No 3: - Doctor Strange, once in Comics, Dr. Strange goes to Asguard in search of a Magical tree named Yggdrasil....... that by getting the Powers of this Magical Tree, he can defeat Loki in a tournament.......

.....Now Dr Strange also gets Yggdrasil Tree and with the powers of this tree Dr Strange becomes God Of Magic.

No 2 :- Iron Man, once in comics Iron Man got Cosmic Powers due to which Iron Man becomes Iron God.

No 1: - BatMan, though Batman is a Normal Human and does not even have any SuperPowers.........

........but once when BatMan was sitting on the Morbius Chair. So he had become the God of Knowledge.

.....and in this story, Batman came to know that in reality, not only one Joker but 3 Jokers exist.